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Please fill out our short form first, so we know who you are. Then, we’ll review your website to determine exactly what kind of property you offer. With over 2 million providers in our network, we can generate bookings for you immediately upon request. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand precisely what your goal is!

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Payment terms are tailored to suit your business model with Bigmedia24 Ltd. If guests pay upon check-in, we’ll invoice our commission monthly. For advance payments made on a website, you’ll receive the total amount minus our commission after reconciliation. Under the hybrid model, we handle the difference.

Reconciliation and payment procedure:

Typically, the booking amount paid by the guest at the time of booking is transferred to you immediately, minus our agreed commission. This assumes payment by credit card; for bank transfers, you’ll receive payment on the same day it’s received. In all cases, our commission is deducted in advance from the payment amount.

You have two options for collecting prepayment from guests:

  • Charge the guest’s card directly. To do this, enable the request for bank card data and the CVC code in Extranet (Hotel section, Payment and Taxes tab, Card Details field).
  • Request a bank transfer from the guest by contacting them through the Bookings section. For detailed instructions, click the ellipsis next to the relevant order and select “Write to Guest.”

Bigmedia24 Ltd. network allows you to either write to or call a guest. Navigate to the Bookings section, click the ellipsis next to the relevant order, and choose your preferred contact method: Write to Guest or Phone Guest.
If you encounter any issues, our 24/7 customer service at is here to assist you.

You may receive booking notifications via email or SMS. To customize your preferences, go to your profile settings, open the Messages section, and check the boxes for “Information about Booking” (email notifications) and/or “SMS Notifications About Bookings”.

Our support service for accommodation is available 24/7. If you have general questions about working with the system, please send a request to hotels@bigmedia24.com or call us at +353 (1) 442 8847.